Spruce Up Your Home Office

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Spruce Up Your Home Office

Make maximum use of space with shelves, overheads and towers, nesting pedestals and tables.

Going up? If your real estate is limited, make good use of vertical space with towers, overhead bins, shelves and hanging pencil cups, paper clip trays, etc.

A side table extends your work area and helps keep your main work surface free of clutter.

Two-for-one: A mobile pedestal can double as a visitor seat with the addition of a seat cushion.

Store older files and research away from your office space. Box, label, and store the files in another room or closet.

Only keep current projects on your desk. Use stackable file trays for easy access and to save space.

Use a dry erase board to track assignments, i.e. what's due and what's finished.

If possible, store only the supplies needed in your office space.